I have been working with Sara Griscom for the last 5 years receiving Maori body work, intuitive readings, counseling and Reiki training. Through this work, I have awakened my inner voice, learned to speak my truth, found my soul mate and aligned myself to purpose. Before I met Sara I was living the typical, modern, fast paced life, unconsciously feeding my ego, my old stories and traumas. That was a life without purpose, love, or a clear connection to the Divine Spirit and our great Mother Earth. I am eternally grateful for the work Sara offers. She has also helped many of my friends, co-workers and clients to awaken in every way. Thank-you Sara, for having the courage and stamina to bring this priceless work into a world that so desperately needs it.
— From Kristi O., DVM

Nine months ago, my primary care doctor referred me to a cardiologist after having some concerns about my heart rhythm. The cardiologist threw around a few horrifying guesses at what could be the problem, and then suggested I wear a heart monitor for the next thirty days. At the grand age of 29, I was absolutely terrified. I could not believe that I was having heart problems so young. I came to the startling realization that some things had to change in my life, and change quickly at that. That’s when I found Sara. I remember during my first appointment complaining and being so annoyed by all the wires hooked up to my chest, and Sara said, “You need to thank your heart for telling you that something’s wrong, that it needs you to take better care of it.” As turned out, the cardiologist’s findings were normal, and I believe that I have Sara to thank for that. For the last 9 months, twice a month, Sara has shown me how to take care of my heart.
As a mental health therapist, I know the power of talk therapy and have seen it transform lives. I have been in therapy myself for years due to a history of trauma and abuse, but in the last year I reached a point where it wasn’t enough anymore. I needed something more, something else, something different in order to find that relief and freedom in the core of my being. Sara has picked up where all my years in therapy have left off. Sara’s touch has changed me. To say that Sara offers massage is almost laughable to me. I’ve gotten massages my whole life, and I have never EVER experienced anything like what I have with Sara. Yes, my body feels absolutely amazing after a session with Sara, but her touch goes so much deeper than that…
Sara has given me the gift of myself. She has taken the role of a stern mother, beckoning me to fulfill my potential. She has shocked me into the reality that THIS is my life and that I am amazing. Before I started coming to Sara, my life and my body were overrun with anxiety. I felt constantly panic stricken, ready to fight or flight at any moment. Sara cleared a path through all the anxiety for me – a path to my true self. She released years of trauma, abuse and heartache trapped in my body, and has quite literally rubbed out the old story from my muscles that remember, so that I may create a new story.
Sara has shown me how to take care of my heart and myself, so that I may have the freedom to choose to live an amazing life. Sara has changed my life, and I assure you that she can change yours as well. Sara is not just a massage therapist. Sara is a healer.
— From Lynn S.

Sara at Gypsy Hands administers bodywork that facilitates true healing. The clients who visit Gypsy Hands are there to effectuate change at the deepest levels spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Sara is like a mother who cloaks you in pure love. She surrounds you in support as you venture into the uncomfortable places of yourself and address the issues that hold you back from your highest potential. She applies Maori techniques that knuckle deep (I say this lovingly as sometimes she literally will knuckle deep) and bring to surface all that is hidden. Besides the Maori healers themselves, Sara is the only person that I trust to do this type of bodywork and to reveal my deepest emotional pains. She has seen to my core, and I have had many breakthroughs on her table. I have been a client since 2008 and received bodywork and intuitive counseling. I have attended yoga, belly dancing, and workshops at Gypsy Hands, too. If you want a mainstream feel-good massage, you may feel more comfortable going someplace else. If you want to evoke real healing and open your soul, Gypsy Hands is what you need.
— From Tracy H.