MAY 22-23 + MAY 28-29 // 10AM-3PM $175

The Maori healing tradition encompasses many forms, including energy balancing, deep tissue massage, prayer, song, and more. These sessions help to activate and then release stored physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma.



SAT. MAY 26 & SUN. MAY 27 $375 Student Rate/ $450 Standard

*(Student Rate includes Sara’s Reiki/Energy Medicine students, students in the Healing Arts, Vocational students, High School, and College/University!)

At Riverplains Farms in Strawberry Plains

Led by Maori Healer Atarangi Muru

A unique and powerful two-day seminar that immerses you in ancient Maori healing wisdom and bodywork and self-healing techniques.

Transform your relationship with yourself and others and embrace the possibilities of deep joy, kindness, compassion, peace, and love. The week includes prayer, ritual ceremonies, and one-on-one and group exercises.

(Pricing includes three wonderful and nourishing meals each day catered by Knoxville's own Good Golly Tamale and Lil' Tea Temple on Central. Free camping by the Holston River. No worries: There will be pottys.)  

Other accommodations available on the farm upon request.



For MORE information:

For more details about costs and accommodations for the seminar or info about the bodywork and healing sessions, please contact Gypsy Hands at 865-522-5829 or send us a message!