Lynne Sparrow - Sparrow healing

Far too often the word healing is left out of the world of mental health.  Once diagnosed with a mental illness, you’re told to cope with your condition; however, when you’re only coping, your symptoms persist.  What if your symptoms were trying to tell you something? What if you could go beyond coping?  What if healing was possible?  When you heal, you come back home to yourself, where you learn to live fully present in the experience of your life. Lynne believes that not only is healing possible in the world of mental health, but that it’s required.  Lynne has seen the healing process occur time and time again with her clients, and she has also experienced it for herself.  With years of experience in the field and in the classroom of life, Lynne has honed an ability to set the necessary conditions to ignite the healing process for her clients.   

Lynne got her start in mental health over 10 years ago, when she began working as a technician at a psychiatric hospital.  That experience was transformative for her, and she quickly decided to pursue an advanced degree in hopes of bringing transformation to the mental health system.  While completing her graduate degree in counseling, Lynne held an assistantship through the university’s Alcohol and Other Drug Program, worked as a counselor at a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, and was president of the university’s Counseling Honor Society.  After completing her graduate degree, Lynne worked as the program therapist for a grant-based intensive outpatient program for women struggling with addiction and mental illness.  Lynne then transitioned to a private residential facility, where she was promoted to Assistant Program Director, working with adults struggling with severe and persistent mental illness.  Lynne entered private practice in January of 2018, where she has enjoyed working with individual clients, as well as being a group therapist for an intensive outpatient program for adults struggling with suicide and self-harm.  Lynne utilizes Dialectical Behavior Therapy to support clients in learning core mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance skills to promote effective living.  Lynne also utilizes Somatic and Attachment Focused Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to support clients in healing from trauma.   Lynne is certified in DBT and is currently pursuing certification in EMDR.